Advertising on google

Price: 1100 USD
  • Deadline: 10-14 working days
  • The package price includes advertising on 5 products or services. Choose the number of packages:

Setting up Google contextual advertising

Your Google contextual advertising order will include:


1. Registration.

2. Creation, launch and management:

- Analysis and compilation of a list of keywords;
- Creation of text banners, layouts;
- replenishment of an advertising account at 100 USD , monitoring and adjustment of settings during the first month.

3. Optimization and support of advertising during the first month:

- Optimization of advertising;
- expansion of the semantic core;
- selection of negative keywords in order to reduce costs.

4. Campaign management:

- 200 USD per month and does not include your monthly ad spend.

After payment you need to fill out a brief on setting up ads in Google - link

Note! You determine the monthly advertising budget based on your goals and capabilities and replenish yourself (using the instructions) after setting up the advertisement. The price includes the work of the agency +100 USD to start.

We do not cooperate:

1. Cosmetic business.

2. Pharmaceutical, medical business.

3. All areas of business, where there is exploitation and killing of animals.

4. Religious organizations.

5. Political organizations.

6. Financial pyramids, forex, bets, etc.

7. Sex shops.

If you relate to the above activities and make an order, its execution will be refused and money will be returned without commission liq pay, pay pal or other payment systems. Thank you for understanding!

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