About us

2 Π§4 IMG 8928Hello!)
We are Pasha and Lena, and in an abbreviated version just - PL;)

Principles embodied in our work:
- love;
- minimalism;
- for both yourself.
We believe that any business will be successful if you lay in the foundation of unshakable values.

β€’ Love is something that is imperceptible, but always warms, fills and gives wings!) First of all, love for people! Not job! She will never thanks for such warmth, that gives customer feedback!

β€’ Minimalism is not emptiness, but space, but thought out to the details, where there is no unnecessary!) Minimum at the maximum - a more effective approach than vice versa!)

β€’ For both yourself - the beginning of our cosmetic case, which is successful and helps to feel, restore natural comfort with your body. An online product needs this as well. For both yourself, it is always a quality, because in your right mind you will never do it β€œsomehow”!)

We will be glad to cooperate together;)

PL Agency open to cooperation:

Barter cooperation on creation of photo content is possible.

If you are the owner of a shop, hotel, workshop and need quality photos to present your case, we are open to consideration of cooperation on barter terms (the price of the photography to the cost of services / goods, etc.).

Please send your suggestions with links to the page to our e-mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the feedback form. Quality is important to us in everything, newly created artificial accounts, please do not disturb. Value each other's time :)

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  • PL AGENCY - web agency to promote and support the online business
  • Website development
  • SEO
  • SMM
  • Web marketing
  • Photo studio
  • Accounting programs
  • Clear and transparent prices
  • Simple quick order directly from the product card
  • Specific deadlines order execution
  • Further instructions and minimal contact between seller and buyer

We do not cooperate:

1. Cosmetic business.

2. Pharmaceutical, medical business.

3. All areas of business, where there is exploitation and killing of animals.

4. Religious organizations.

5. Political organizations.

6. Financial pyramids, forex, bets, etc.

7. Sex shops and the like.

If you relate to the above activities and make an order, its execution will be refused and money will be returned without commission liq pay, pay pal or other payment systems. Thank you for understanding!