Presets for Lightroom

Preset #1

Price: 20 USD
Universal processing of photos in warm tones, without vivid color modifications, only underlining available.

Preset #2

Price: 20 USD
Processing photos in pleasant, warm chocolate tones.

Preset #3

Price: 20 USD
For bright photos, make your photos more saturated, sunny, suitable for hard lighting.

Preset #4

Price: 20 USD
Visual improvement of the available colors in the photo, without bright modifications of tones.

Preset Pack (PRO-1)

Price: 45 USD
Buying the “PRO-1” package, you become the owner of all the presets that are in the packages “#1”, “#2”, “#3” and “#4”.

Instructions for saving and using presets on your phone:

1. To get started, install the free Adobe Lightroom CC application on your phone;

plapp plagogle


2. After payment, you will receive a letter in the mail with a link to download presets

3. Download the purchased pack of presets to your computer and unzip them
(The mobile preset looks like a normal image, has only DNG format);


4. In the folder you will see our photos in DNG format, you need to transfer them to your mobile phone

5. Next, you need to open Abode Lightroom CC on the phone. At the bottom right, you will see 2 icons in a blue square. You need a left. Click on it and add our photos to the application;


6. After choosing which of our photos you need a preset from, click "...";

7.1. In the upper right corner, click "Create Preset", create a new preset group (click on the drop-down arrow, select "Create New Preset Group", enter a name, click the check mark "✓");


7.2. Enter a name for the preset, check that all the checkmarks (☑) are standing and click the checkmark

7.3. Done, the preset saved in Lightroom;


8. Open your photo. Scroll the edit panel to the left and click on the Presets tab;


8.1. Click on the drop-down arrow, select the preset group that you created;


9. You will see the saved preset, click on it.

Done, the preset applied to the photo;


10. To achieve the best result in processing, after applying the preset, adjust the Exposure, Contrast and Shadows. To do this, select the Light tab in the editing panel. Move the sliders to +/- to achieve the perfect photo.



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Presets for Lightroom buy and download


Download Lightroom presets from PL AGENCY today and transform your images with awesome new styles.

This is a great chance to try the best suite of Lightroom presets and find new inspiration. Anyone can use our paid presets to quickly edit their images. All presets are designed to work with Lightroom Classic CC + LR CC + LR Mobile + LR 6-5-4 and cross-platform Adobe Camera Raw. Enjoy the high quality look. Lightroom Presets are an ideal tool for saving time when retouching images and finding new ways to improve your style. Regardless of whether you are editing a new landscape image or want to create the same view for the entire editorial shooting, our paid presets will help you create new powerful images. Our collection includes professional Lightroom presets for portraits and landscape photography.

It has never been so easy to process photos using Lightroom presets from PL and achieve amazing results in seconds.
Say goodbye to lost hours spent finding paid downloads. PL Agency is home to the world's best Adobe Lightroom presets. We will keep you posted as soon as we update the collection.


What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom Presets are saved slider settings that you can change, import, and export. In the Develop module, you will find a small predefined collection created by Adobe. So-called Presets provide an easy way to change the appearance of an image with one click. These ready-made templates are placed on top of the source file and give your images the desired look. You will find a short guide on how to install and how to use Lightroom Presets here.

The best paid Lightroom presets from PL AGENCY can do the hard work of editing for you.

Lightroom ready-made presets are a godsend for post-production and help make Lightroom the best photo editing software for many photographers, and the best paid Lightroom presets from PL AGENCY can be as attractive and valuable as much more expensive than photographer services. But why are presets so important and what do they do?

Lightroom presets will save you from the hassle of editing, applying ready-made effects and adjustments to your images, without having to bother with levels and sliders, which may seem like forever. You can often find that a well-designed setup will give you exactly the look you need without having to resort to additional tools such as the DxO Nik Collection or Alien Skin Exposure 4.5.

Therefore, if you want to achieve a certain kind of appearance or style, instead of guessing which combination of contrast, saturation, white balance, etc. will best produce the desired effect, simply apply these preset changes with a few quick clicks - also You can add some final settings if you want.

You can download presets for different genres of photography. Therefore, you might want to choose a color setting with a slightly lower saturation and contrast when editing a portrait, for example, or a strong, high-contrast black-and-white option for moody landscapes.

Take your time with the editing process, check out our Adobe Lightroom presets, which we offer you to help enhance your portraits, landscapes, and creative images.