Creating an online store

Price: 2000 USD
  • Deadline: 10-14 working days

Buying and creating an online store

Your order to create an online store will include:


β€’ 1 adaptive website on the Joomla content management system (CMS) with the possibility of expansion (languages, currencies, etc.);
β€’ 1 domain name in the .com domain zone for 1 year (with the possibility of renewal Β± 20 USD / year);
β€’ hosting for 1 year (with the possibility of renewal Β± 50 USD / year);
β€’ email with your domain (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.);
β€’ file with all passwords.

β€’ Registration in Google (Google gmail);
β€’ Registration and configuration (binding) in the Google Search console (Google webmaster);
β€’ registration and configuration (binding) in Google Tagmanager;
β€’ registration and configuration (binding) in Google Analytics (+ e-commerce);
β€’ registration and configuration (binding) in Google Ads;
β€’ registration and configuration (linking) in Google Merchants (if possible) (remarketing + product listing ads);
β€’ registration and configuration (binding) in Google Business (if there is a physical address).
β€’ 35% discount on ads on Google.

β€’ The layout of the site for structuring data in Google;
β€’ Open Graph markup for structuring page data on social networks;

β€’ site map;
β€’ moods of robots.txt;
β€’ SSL certificate (HTTPS certificate).

β€’ Basket
β€’ Product card
(name, article, main photo, additional photo, main price, promotional price, short description, full description, characteristics, attributes, video, reviews, related products, etc.)
β€’ Online payment 
(LiqPay, PayPal, bank transfer)
β€’ My account

 Note! Adding goods to the site (filling) is carried out independently (by the client) using the instructions (it is not difficult and unlimited) or by an additional separate order - here.

After payment you need to fill out a brief on the development of an online store - link

An example of an online store that you get can be seen here:

1. 1. Digital goods: our website - (PL AGENCY)
2. Physical goods: online store of natural cosmetics - (PL Cosmetics)

What is an online store?

What is an online store, I think it’s especially not worth talking, but we will write a couple of lines.
An online store is primarily a store only on the Internet, so to speak, electronic commerce, and the process of buying and ordering goods takes place purely through an online store.

In online stores, as a rule, there should be a product with a real price, a button to add the product to the basket, also a basket for placing orders, various payment methods and options, as well as a certain method of delivery or removal of goods from the office itself or the warehouse. In this case, we can safely and confidently say that the online store also makes it possible to save on large rental areas for a real store, and it’s enough to have only a warehouse, and simply make sales of goods online through the basket.

The advantages of creating an online store:

1. The online store is open around the clock, without lunch or weekend.
2. There are no geographical boundaries for the online store.
3. Creating an online store reduces costs.

Having ordered a website from us, you get a ready-made online store in a short time, with your personal logo in full functionality, with an original design from PL AGENCY and which is important for people and search engines in mobile search today, this is an adaptive store design. As a result, you will receive: a simple convenient readable site through which you will carry out sales.
The timing of creating an online store depends on complexity, and also on the customer, how quickly the necessary information will be provided to us (products, categories of articles) to fill the site with content.

(Adaptive - this means that your online store will function perfectly and open on a mobile device, on tablets or PCs and the buyer can easily make a purchase from any device). Your online store will not be inferior to others in its design and performance.

The most important thing is the advertising and promotion of the online store. We guarantee that the online store created in our company will have all possible SEO settings, and the promotion of the online store in search engines will be good. There will already be an important point, this is your budget and the competitiveness of your subject.

You can always buy plugins or any functionality for your online store.

We do not cooperate:

1. Cosmetic business.

2. Pharmaceutical, medical business.

3. All areas of business, where there is exploitation and killing of animals.

4. Religious organizations.

5. Political organizations.

6. Financial pyramids, forex, bets, etc.

7. Sex shops.

If you relate to the above activities and make an order, its execution will be refused and money will be returned without commission liq pay, pay pal or other payment systems. Thank you for understanding!

Photo examples of an online store from PL AGENCY


Home page online store


Home page online store


Online Store Product Card


Online Store Product Card

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