Dear Customer, please fill in the proposed brief fields below.
GOAL of the brief is to clarify the objectives and tasks of the web site, formation of basic technical requirements, requirements for the content and functionality of the site. The more detailed the brief, the less questions will be asked and the website will be developed faster.

*Information from the completed brief will never be shared with third parties.

When paying
The contact person
Brand name
Viber, messenger
Indicate the domain you need (domain name) (this is the name of the site that you see in browser address bar - the one that follows https: //) The price of the site includes a domain name up to $ 17, if you need more, you will have to pay separately.
You can check the domain for employment here - link


1. File with a logo in the size of 1500x500 (width of 1500 pixels, height 500 pixels) in PNG format (logo is a compact graphic a sign representing a specific company, organization, brand, product, website or individual) 2. 48x48 favicon file (48 pixels wide, height 48 pixels) in ICO or PNG format


Write down and number (for the webmaster) all the main menu items according to the example below. The example shows how to register the menu and how it will look on the site.

1 menu

1 menu

Tick all the numbered items to be left checked.
Where you need to make an adjustment write the number and text.
Download the word file with the tex of materials to the information items of the menu and tick off the items you change. The default will be standard text.
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For which country will this shipping method be included
By default, 0 or specify the price for delivery, which will be added in the basket when paying.
If the text is from a new row, mark with an asterisk *
Describe all of the following delivery methods using the example form above. Where specify: 1. Name, 2. Country, 3. Payment system, 4. Delivery price
Attributes will be visible on the product card and may affect the price.
Indicate: 1. Name of the attribute to the product, 2. Selection options and 3. Display type (Button or drop-down list)
These attributes will be available for selection when creating the product. Therefore, consider all possible variations. In the future, you can add new ones according to the instructions.
Example of filling: 1. Volume (2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 12 ml, 30ml, 35 ml, 40 ml, 50 ml, 55 ml, 100 ml, 150 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml) - Button;
The dependent attribute can be from a photo (you need a separate photo to this attribute) or you need a personal article, quantity or weight for it
Indicate the name and list the characteristics in brackets. Characteristics will be visible in the product card and cannot affect the price as attributes. Example of filling: 1. Container (Glass, Plastic), 2. Country of manufacture (Morocco, Philippines, Germany).
What fields to add to the main page
Please indicate in the comments the menu number and additions which apply to this item. For instance:
ะŸัƒะฝะบั‚ 10,
1. Instagram tiles lead to the profile: @ pl.cosmetics;
2. Benefits are attached in a pdf file called Benefits.pdf;
3. Create the latest reviews, but don't publish them yet;
4. Hashtag reviews #pl_natural_cosmetics_reviews
5. Seo text is attached to a word file called seo-text.docx

1 menu

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Indicate any useful information and / or wishes that we must consider before starting work. For example the data on whom to issue a domain name (contact type: physical person or organization name, country, e-mail, city.).
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This brief is an addition to the main brief and is not required, all these settings can be set in the finished store from your admin panel.
You can fill out only those points in which you are sure.
*If some settings of this brief are in conflict with the main brief, then by default the instructions from the main brief will be applied.
When paying
The contact person
Write the currency that will be used on the site in the following order: 1. Naming, - by default (If the main one) 2. Exchange rate in relation to the main currency. For instance:
1. UAH - Default -1.000000;
2. US Dollar - 0.044000;
3. Euro - 0.040000;
4. RUB (ั€ัƒะฑ.) - 3.000000;
5. PLN (zล‚.) - 0.142857
Check the box next to the names of the items that you want to enable when registering a user. (Tip: the less the better the customer). Email will be enabled by default and is a required field.
Indicate the required items. This will ensure that the field is filled in before allowing the form to be submitted.
Check the box next to the names of the items that you want to include when filling in the data for the delivery of goods to the user. If everything is the same as in the registration fields or it is not necessary for you to enter the delivery address when placing an order, check the corresponding box with an asterisk * (for digital goods, the client will need to enter only the name and email). Email will be enabled by default and is a required field.
Indicate the required items. This will ensure that the field is filled in before allowing the form to be submitted.