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GOAL of the brief is to elucidate the formation of tasks, the main technical requirements for filling the requirements and functionality of the product for your online store from PL AGENCY.

The more detailed the brief is filled out, the less questions will be asked of you and the product will be added faster.
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1. Attach the edited description in the Microsoft Word document or PDF document.
2. Attach all photos for description.
The documents should clearly indicate the location of all objects of description.
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The main image for the list and product card is displayed first, please rename the main image as follows: "main image" so that we can distinguish it from others. The remaining images will be displayed and flipped after the main image.
This is the page title in the browser that appears in search engine results. The meta tag Title is taken into account by the search engine when ranking sites, it is considered the main indicator of determining the relevance of a page to search queries. Must not exceed 70-100 characters.
Designed to create a brief description of the html page. Its contents can be used by search engines to form a snippet. This tag does not affect the appearance of the page, as it is service information. Must not exceed 100-160 characters.
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Attributes will be visible on the product card and may affect the price.
Examples of attributes to fill out:
1. (Dependent attribute) Volume 10ml - Price 10 USD - Quantity 100 - Product Code 1-1-1 - Artykul 1 - Weight 30g - Photo titled: "foto1.phg";
2. (Simple attribute) Volume 30ml (+ - * / =%) to the main price; Attribute can be dependent on the photo (etomu need to separate photo attribute) or other artykul, the quantity or weight
These attributes will be available for selection when creating the product. Therefore, consider all possible variations. In the future, you can add new ones according to the instructions.
Indicate the name and description in brackets. Characteristics will be visible in the product card and cannot affect the price as attributes. You can note in brackets several characteristics for the product, later you can easily change them. Example of filling: 1. Container (Glass, Plastic), 2. Country of manufacture (Morocco, Philippines, Germany).
Associated item
List which products to display in the accompanying ones, if they are on the site or you plan to send them to us as part of one order (because these products are added when already created)